Machine Learning Projects

The BxSci Machine Learning Club proudly supports ML related projects created by Bronx Science students. We encourage our members to apply the knowledge they've gained from the projects and presentations to real-world data: from biology to computer security, the applications are endless!

Here are a few Machine Learning projects that our members built.

A Novel Application of Convolutional Neural Networks to Detect Vitamin A Deficiency and Combat Childhood Blindness

Zachary Hine

In his junior year, Zach developed an award winning proposal and software prototype for the MIT Think Competition aimed at addressing the widespread Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) problem in developing countries. He proposed an app which running a convolutional neural network, can detect Bitot’s spots, a manifestation of VAD. The app would be a valuable asset for field workers in developing countries because it would enable them to diagnose and treat people with VAD without extensive medical knowledge.

The Trump Tweet Simulator

Michael Batavia & James Chu

Our president makes some pretty bizarre statements on Twitter. Michael and James wanted to develop an algorithm which would simulate Trump's unpredictable tweets. They did so by utilizing the Word2Vec algorithm and other natural language processing tools. Michael and James developed their hack at AtomHacks, Bronx Science's annual hackathon.

Emotion Detection w/ Tensorflow

Robert Stanciu & Zachary Hine

Robert and Zach leveraged Tensorflow and OpenCV software to create an emotion detector. The detector records a live video stream and successfully identifies multiple faces in the frame and their respective emotions. We demoed this project at the school's annual club fair.